Performance in the exhibition space

World Dance Alliance Symposium Singapore 16-18 October 2015

Kae Ishimoto in “The Courtesan Comes to Life” for the ArtScience Museum’s Van Gogh Alive, the Exhibition. Photo: Chia Ming Chien

What does it mean to curate bodies within the confines of the museum space? What can one expect from a 2-week experimentation between visual new media artist and a classical Khmer & contemporary choreographer/dancer? Or a team of installation arts, sound designer & aeronautics engineer, and a pole dancer, coming together for the first time on a 3-day timetable? What happens after the artistic encounter?

Vanini Belarmino will be presenting her paper on “Seeing through Unpredictability”  during a performative panel at the World Dance Alliance Symposium.

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