Delighted to share the news that the newly released Taylor and Francis book, "The Routledge Companion to Dance in Asia and the Pacific: Platforms for Change" includes the essay of Belarmino&Partners Founder, Vanini Belarmino, entitled "The Foundation of Language| New Filipino dance lexicons from Eisa Jocson." Edited by Dr. Stephanie Burridge, this companion documents and celebrates artistic journeys within the framework of rich and complex cultural heritages and traditional dance practices of the Asia-Pacific region. It presents various dance forms from Australia, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and the South Pacific. Drawing on extensive research and decades of performative experience as artists, choreographers, producers, teachers, and critics, the authors approach issues of dance and cultural diversity from a theoretical perspective while at the same time exploring change, process, and transformation through dance.

After months of pure digital extravaganza, Vanini Belarmino, Founder and Managing Director of Belarmino&Partners embarked on a real life international research trip to Copenhagen courtesy of the Danish Arts Foundation.

Curatorial Research Grant Courtesy of the Danish Arts Foundation

October 2021

Image: Artist Lilibeth Cuenca-Rasmussen holding up a large scale print of her work “I am not what you see” taken during a studio visit in Copenhagen, Denmark on 20 October 2021.

"An Examination of Conscience" is an exhibition proposal conceived by curator, Vanini Belarmino in close collaboration with Filipino artist, Leslie de Chavez and the exhibition design team of WY-TO as her competition entry for the Philippine Pavilion 59th Venice Biennale. The working title "An Examination of Conscience" is borrowed from the forty-fourth chapter of Dr. Jose Rizal’s Noli me Tangere (Touch Me Not), a seemingly plain if not at all a dull scene from the seminal novel that offers a sense of ambiguity, leaving hints enough to provide the element of suspense, yet with the absence of excitement. The exhibition hopes to build on an experience of entering and being one with work of the artist. Inspired by the architecture of the Catholic church, the different sections resemble aspects of entering a space of introspection

An Examination of Conscience Competition Entry for the Philippine Pavilion,

59th Venice Biennale

June 2021

Image: A study for a new iteration of “Under the Belly of the Beast by Leslie de Chavez.


For Coronet Inside Out , curator and producer, Vanini Belarmino, shared some excerpts of her work from 2007 – 2015, including two editions of ZENSORS, staged in Berlin and the Philippines. “In my wish to continue to reach out to people and to continue the collaboration and conversation with the rest of the world, I would like to share some of the works from the archives that I’ve done from 2007 until 2015. (These are) works which I built with my own hands, together with different artists from Asia and Europe. They are artists I have paired who have never met before, and whose practices range from performance and new media, music, dance, theatre, photography, even traditional dance. They are artists who are equally hungry to work with other artists, to meet other people, learn about oneself and learn about one another. For Inside Out I’m happy to share the works for ZENSORS, which was staged at RADIALSYSTEM V in 2008, and a second edition of ZENSORS which was done in the Philippines at the Bencab Museum in 2009.”

Coronet Inside Out is a series of free online presentations and artistic encounters including film, dance, art, installations, theatre, poetry and seminars.


The Coronet Theatre is known for presenting new, exciting work from across the globe in the atmospheric setting of this beautiful theatre. Coronet Inside Out allows us to carry on with this work – new, exciting and created with the Coronet in mind. Coronet Inside Out is curated by The Coronet Theatre’s Artistic Director Anda Winters, who said “The passion shared by all artists, whether large or smaller scale, to make and share their work, is as strong as ever. Please join us in our ongoing relationship with these special artists, as we all find new ways to engage with the arts. Artists from so many countries and creative directions have generously responded to the challenges we are facing, and we are grateful and delighted to continue to present their work to audiences”

Japanese artist, Shunsuke Francois Nanjo performing for the first time in ZENSORS Philippines at the Bencab Museum,

21 August 2009,

© Belarmino&Partners

“Study for a Pregnant Nude” Kiri Dalena, Terracotta, 2020, Image courtesy of artist

During the global lockdown in the second quarter of 2020, Vanini Belarmino was commissioned by the Independent Curators International (ICI) in New York City to contribute to their publication “Reports from the Field”. ICI invited curators from around the world, who are alumni of the Curatorial Intensive, ICI's professional development program for emerging curators. The commissioned texts are reflections on the impact of the global pandemic on their lives, ways of working, their communities, and how they are adapting as a response. You can read Vanini’s text “The Pregnant Pause: A Countdown on Living with the Invisible” here.

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